2017 Lighting Design paid student internship is now accepting applications

This is a unique opportunity for students in theatrical lighting design programs to be exposed to the field of television lighting.  Spend eight-week with Lighting Design internship host Team Imagination, Inc. in Los Angeles, California. Where you will be working alongside lighting designers, directors and crews learning the process unique for lighting television.  Experience creative development, design, show prep, and installation of television lighting rigs for multi-camera productions.

Must have skills in CAD and currently be enrolled in a college-level theatrical lighting design program.  Preference is given to juniors entering their senior year.  That should not exclude others from applying.   

Applicants are required to submit a portfolio containing drafted plots (paper projects are acceptable), photographs of realized designs and examples of paperwork. Submitted portfolio can be in the form of website and PDFs.

To apply, or for further information or questions, contact Internship@teamimagination.com

Required material for applying:

1.      Cover Letter

2.      Resume

3.      Portfolio. If uploading to Dropbox, or similar site, please include link in email.

4.      2 Letters of Recommendation

Please Send above to Internship@teamimagination.com  

 APPLY BY MARCH 1, 2017; finalists will be informed by March 13, 2017

 Internship: Rules & Eligibility

  • Applicants must be qualified full-time students pursuing an associate, bachelor’s degree at a college or university within the United States.
  •  To qualify for payment, the intern must provide all U.S. required employment documents prior to the start of your internship.
  • The internship is a full-time, paid position for 8 weeks in Los Angeles.
  • The internships will start in mid-June. Once you are notified, we will determine your exact start date.
  • The internships will end eight weeks after the start date.
  • The Internship will pay $420.00 per week.  For a qualified student demonstrating a need; housing, travel and local transportation allowances may be available.   Applicants from smaller college and universities are encouraged to apply for consideration.
  • Proof of a valid driver’s license and clean driving record must be provided when applying.